Albany, NY to Lubec, ME
11-25 June 2005

911.1 miles, 74h31m
Elapsed Time: 103h47m, Max Speed: 46.4 mph
Total Climbing: 40901ft, Max Elevation: 2070ft

Average Day:
60.7 miles, 4h58m, 12.2 mph
Elapsed Time: 6h55m, Max speed: 35.7mph
Total Climbing: 2727ft, Max elevation: 661ft
Total mileage: 911.1


Longest day: Day 3 (Brattleboro, VT to Sturbridge, MA) 84.1 miles.
Most climbing:
Day 3 (Brattleboro, VT to Sturbridge, MA) 4054 feet.
Fastest day: Day 15 (Machias, ME to Lubec, ME) 13.5 mph
Slowest day: Day 7 (Provincetown, MA to Danvers, MA) 10.7 mph

This time the daily reports were composed on the road on my laptop but only emailed in and posted if the motel we were staying in had an Internet connection that I could use. There's more and more of this all the time. I think we had some kind of Internet access for all but 5 or 6 days. Once I used a USB key to transfer the reports to the hotel's public computer.

The route for this trip came from several sources: The New York portion was a combination of NY Bike Route 5 and whatever I could get out of Street Atlas USA to get us into Massachusetts. That's why we ended up on a dirt road for a while.

The Massachusetts sections came from the commerically available bicycle route maps from Rubel. These were huge. I also used the satellite images on GoogleMaps to find back roads around malls, industrial parks, and schools.

The short Connecticut and Rhode Island portions came from the bicycle route maps posted on the respective states' highway department websites. They provide the same kinds of information as the Massachusetts maps, but are free.

Amazingly, Vermont has no such maps on its highway department website, nor does it have printed maps. I found a bicycling suitability map for southeastern Vermont on somebody's website and the rest of it I just hoped would be okay.

I think New Hampshire has a bike map on the web, but I used the Adventure Cycling maps for the brief section through that state.

The Maine route came from a combination of the Adventure Cycling maps and the maps for the Maine section of the East Coast Greenway. That's how we ended up on that awful dirt section through the blueberry fields on day 14.

All in all the trip was a success. We got where we were going and got there on time. We were hot, we were cold, we were dry, we were wet. We were tormented by insects, we were attacked by dogs. We drank beer for lunch, we ate lobster for dinner. The roads were good, the roads were bad. The drivers were unexpectedly courteous. JT and I are still on speaking terms.

That's the cycling life.

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"JT and BC's 2005 New England" Copyright © 2005 By Bob Clemons. All rights reserved.