JT and BC's 2005 New England Ride

Albany, NY to Lubec, ME
11-26 June 2005

New England Route

What would we do to top our 2004 ride down the Pacific Coast?  Well, nothing really. This year we decided to stay closer to home and ride one of the segments of the Atlantic Coast that we haven't ridden yet. Having already covered New Hampshire to Maryland and DC to Nags Head, the obvious choice for '05 was New England. The plan is to fly to Albany, NY and ride to the easternmost point in the contiguous states at West Quoddy Head, near Lubec, Maine. On the way we will pass through parts of all six New England states.

There will be no camping on this trip--it will be fully credit card-based--and the route and timetable are carved in stone. So the good news is that we won't have to carry any camping gear. The bad news is that we'll have to ride every day no matter how lousy the weather. The other good news is we won't have to make any gut-wrenching decisions about whether to ride. The other bad news is we won't get to make any decisions about whether to ride.

A final handicap will be a distinct lack of training. I have ridden less than 600 miles all spring. JT has ridden less than 200 miles since last August.


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