Day 0: Travel Day

23 June 2006
  Baltimore, MD to Albany, NY
No significant riding.

So, we're standing in the 'C' line at BWI Airport waiting for our flight to Albany. Somehow the topic of lost luggage came up. I said, "I've never had my luggage lost." I don't believe in knocking on wood and I don't believe in jinxes. Basically I spit in the eye of karma. Naturally, when we got to Albany I was the last man standing at the baggage carousel.

The bag finally found its way to the hotel at about 8pm.  For a while there things were touch and go, but everything seems to be okay now.

The first thing Kevin and I did after checking in was to walk about a mile to CK Cycles to get our bikes.  Linda and I dropped the bikes off there last week when we happened to be passing through the area.  The bikes were in good shape, so we rode them back to the hotel.  Then dinner.  Then waiting for my bag.  Now I'm typing.  Later I'll try to pull all my gear together, but that may wait for morning.

The weather for the upcoming week looks kind of lousy.  It's supposed to rain every day.  At least it won't be too hot.

Tomorrow we ride to Amsterdam.  Woo-hoo.

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