Day 3

Sunday, 8 August 2010
  Marble Quarry Campsite, MD to Washington, DC
38.0 miles, 3h00m, 12.7 mph
Elapsed Time: 4h33m, Max speed: 17.2mph
Total mileage: 190.6

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Last day on the trail. Only 38 miles to ride.

We started a little before 7am and reached White's Ferry after a couple miles.

Cold beer? Ice? Bait? Why ever leave?

We had a fine breakfast of sausage and egg bagels and home fries. And we loaded up on drinks for the long push to Seneca Creek.

Where there were a couple more obstacles. This one wan't too bad.

This one was more of a hassle.

And Dave was bitten by a bug. He lived.

We rested at Seneca Creek.

There's a store at Seneca Creek, but it's a mile up the road and it's always closed when we go there.


It looked like there was gonna be a throw-down between these birds, but nothing happened.

This guy backed down and went away.

Dave is isn't showing it here, but he was really smelling the barn. He took off from Seneca Creek and towed Curt all the way to Great Falls. I figured he'd ride hard for a couple miles and bonk. But no, he pushed it all the way there. But after that he was pretty much done.

The going was slow after Great Falls because we had to weave through the crowds of people who didn't realize they were between us and a shower.

Then Fu decided to sprint off. I tried to bring him back, but soon I gave up. Later, we caught up with him waiting under a bridge. He said we were just a few seconds behind and he stopped so he wouldn't get caught. I don't know, I think he was way ahead and he has a really warped sense of time.

No time for scenery. Just a quick shot over the railing.

Just as I took this shot, someone said, "On your left." And this woman rode into my shot. I figured she was in it.

So I waited until she was in it and took another shot, figuring she wouldn't be in it. I was wrong both times.

This is the part of the towpath that was closed the first three times we did this ride. It's really cool.

Dave, flying through the thrilling Seven Locks area. That's the Beltway in the background.

Georgetown. They made us walk through this waterfront area. How undignified!

Milepost 0 is just past the Thompson Boat Center near the watergate.

The watergate.

The summit photo. Notice that Mr. Balint is present. He spent the night at his girlfriend's place, then rode back here in the morning to get in the picture (and get a ride home).

Dave with Kaitlyn, who is not particularly interested in sitting on milepost 0.

Foreground: the watergate. Background: The Watergate.


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