Day 3

Monday, 9 Jun 2014
  Black River Falls, WI to Wisconsin Dells, WI
83.9 miles, 7h06m, 11.8 mph
Elapsed Time: 8h14m, Max speed: 29.0mph
Total Climbing: 2034ft, Max elevation: 1155ft
Total mileage: 238.4

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        DeLorme. Topo USA. Data copyright of content owner.

I rode twenty miles less today than yesterday. It was less hilly. And yet my average speed was slower. One reason is that I was pretty tapped from yesterday.
The main reason was the headwind. Still, it was a really nice day.

The town of Millston needs to learn something about camouflage.Either a different
paint scheme, or different flowers.

Nice tank, though. (Bear shown for scale.)

This redneck biker bar seems to discourage Japanese motorcycles. There's even a couple hanging from the "Japanese Maple."
Of course, Harleys come from Wisconsin--as does my Cannondale. So I would be totally welcome there.

Did you know Wisconsin is the #1 source of cranberries in the US? And that the cranberry is the official fruit of Wisconsin?
Neither did I. Anyway, there were plenty of bogs.

I split the day between US 12 and back roads like this. Slow going because of the headwind and the lack
of hills to go down. I went about 50 miles before I stopped for a break. There wasn't really anyplace to stop.

I finally stopped for lunch at New Lisbon. This water fountain requires you to put your head in a lion's mouth.
I didn't dare.

After many hours I finally reached Wisconsin Dells. I knew it was a schlocky tourist trap, but I was amazed--not at the dam and train--at everything else.

Like this! The White House dumped on it's roof and on top of a Plymouth Neon.
You can tell it's the White House because it says "White House" on it.
It's called the "Top Secret Highly Classified Experience."

It's like Vegas without the Casinos.

I got in at 3:30. We spent an hour trying to book a hotel in Madison for tomorrow--there must be something going on there. Then we went to the restaurant next door and ate and drank too much.

We'll do better tomorrow.


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