Day 4

Tuesday, 10 Jun 2014
  Wisconsin Dells, WI to Madison, WI
64.0 miles, 5h44m, 11.1 mph
Elapsed Time: 7h23m, Max speed: 41.4mph
Total Climbing: 3495ft, Max elevation: 1257ft
Total mileage: 302.4

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        DeLorme. Topo USA. Data copyright of content owner.

Still feeling the effects of three hard days, I finally had a chance to take it easy. Which made me happy--even
if the guy on the right has too many eyes.

I left Wisconsin Dells at about 8:15 and was soon in the circus town of Baraboo. This is where
Mr. Ringling and his brother started their circus. It was the winter home
of the Ringling Bros Circus for many years until they discovered that there are warmer places than Wisconsin.

Baraboo is on the side of a hill. There was a long climb, then a screaming descent through a residential district into downtown.
I searched for the International Clown Hall of Fame, but could not find it--though it was in the building on the right. Linda tried to visit it and found
it to be closed. It could possibly be the lamest Hall of Fame of all--but the best one about clowns.

This place was built with circus money.

I met Linda at the Circus World Museum. I didn't go in because I didn't want to take the time. Linda went in and reported back
that it is the best circus-themed museum she has ever been to in all of south-central Wisconsin. For pictures, see her facebook page.

From Baraboo I headed south to Devil's Lake. On the way I passed some recreational decay probably crushed by the Wisconsin Dells
schlock machine. The old Stop and Sock has seen better days--though it claims to be open.

I climbed a huge hill and screamed down the other side to Devil's Lake--which seems to be perfect for picnics. There I had a second breakfast
of a cinnamon bun and coffee.

A few miles later I took the Merrimac Ferry across Wisconsin Lake (formerly Wisconsin River). It's a cable
ferry with three cables and three doors for three lines of cars. And a special line for bikes. And they have
ice cream on the Merrimac side of the lake. Just sayin'.

After that I realized I'd only covered about 18 miles in 3 hours--so I put my head down and rode. Rode through Lodi
without stopping. Forgot to eat lunch. Rode by these windmills without commenting about how I always ride past
windmills at some point.

This picture is significant because I rode off the bike path while taking it. Had there been a ditch or a post there, my trip might
have ended and this would have been the last picture. But it was just tall grass so I was merely alarmed.

Yes, there is a National Mustard Museum. It's in suburban Madison. No, I did not go in. Maybe Linda will go there tomorrow.

Madison is very bicycle friendly. These bike lanes remind me of Amsterdam. But without the tall blonde
women riding in leather miniskirts. I'm pretty sure I remember that.

This picture of me at the Wisconsin State Capitol makes me look thin. I have another picture where I
make the capitol look thin. No one will ever see that one. (Notice also, the cones on their
way home after another long legislative session).

Stumbled across some industrial decay on the way to meet up with Linda. It's refreshing after so much agrarian scenery.

We loaded the bike in the car and headed for the Old Sugar Distillery. They make whiskey from sorghum and I must
have some. They were closed, but they sold us a couple bottles and a tee shirt anyway. Good people.

Guess what we had for dessert.

Tomorrow I'm riding most of the way to Milwaukee. Not sure whether we're going to hit any breweries, but there are a number of interesting things to see there. You know, that's where Happy Days was set.


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