Chattanooga, TN to New Orleans, LA
23 May - 8 June 2008

938.4 miles, 82h20m
Elapsed Time: 106h04m, Max Speed: 40.1 mph
Total Climbing: 23194ft, Max Elevation: 6053ft

Average Day:
58.7 miles, 5h09m, 11.4 mph
Elapsed Time: 6h38m, Max speed: 32.4mph
Total Climbing: 1450ft, Max elevation: 691ft



<>Longest day: Day 6 (Collinwood, TN to Tupelo, MS) 98.9 miles.
Most climbing:
Day 2 (Chattanooga, TN to Monteagle, TN) 4361 ft.
Fastest day: Day 3 (Monteagle, TN to Franklin, TN) 14.3 mph
Slowest day: Day 1 (Chattanooga, TN to Chattanooga, TN) 13.3 mph
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