Day 21

Friday, 28 Jun 2013
  Touring the Twin Cities

Images from a day of tourism in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Linda taking a picture of the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul--home of A Prairie Home Companion.

Now she tries to blow up the Minnesota History Center.

I upgraded my phone slightly from the last time. This one has a user interface.

This exhibit allows children to eviscerate a bison. A skill much in short supply nowadays.

And no trip anywhere would be complete without a cemetery trip. Here's me and Hubert Humphrey.

Over to Minneapolis to look at the flour mills. That's Pillsbury's 'A' Mill. And it really
does kind of lean back a bit.

Looking across St. Anthony Falls at the west bank mills--most of which have been
converted into condos and lofts.

The Washburn 'A' Mill has been converted into the Mill City Museum--what's left of it anyway.
They were setting up for a wedding reception. What better backdrop for a wedding
than industrial decay?

They stole my dam joke.

From the observation deck of the Museum. Looking back across the river at the Pillsbury Mill.

Careful! You might fall off a cliff and break a ruin!

Mill Ruins Park is fully dedicated to industrial decay. These are the mills that were not
made into condos or museums.

Driving back to St. Paul. The sign says, "55th B-Day. Need Stripper."

We had dinner at the hotel, then walked over to Mickey's Diner for dessert.
Then we slowly waddled back to the hotel.


"Great Plains Tour 2013" Copyright 2013 By Bob Clemons. All rights reserved.