Day 7

Friday, 14 Jun 2013
  Fort Robinson SP, NE to Chadron, NE
33.5 miles, 2h46m, 12.1 mph
Elapsed Time: 4h17m, Max speed: 30.6mph
Total Climbing: 893ft, Max elevation: 3872ft
Total mileage: 394.7

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        DeLorme. Topo USA. Data copyright of content owner.

I planned a really short day for today. The plan was to get a nice breakfast at the lodge, check out of the house at 10am, hit the two park museums, then ride to Chadron for lunch. Everything went pretty much according to plan.

The historical museum ($2) is in the old post headquarters. The fort was a lot of things--Indian agency,
POW camp, cavalry station--it was also where they trained war dogs during WWII.

The Trailside museum ($3) is a one-room natural history museum. It is mostly devoted to pair of
mammoths who were found with their tusks locked together. Oops.

But they have a few other fossils--including an animal whose name is
also good dieting advice.

Fort Robinson was also the site of the death of Chief Crazy Horse. He was meeting with army officers in a cabin
like this one in right about this spot when he got nervous and bolted. He was stabbed by a sentry outside.
I guess he was right to be nervous.

The weather was beautiful and the ride was short and uneventful. It occurred to me that I've seen
a lot of cattle but I haven't taken any pictures of them. Hey I didn't post any pictures of the road!

Looks like I'm going to have to camp tomorrow at Cottonwood Lake State Recreation Area. So, no update tomorrow. The next day I should be in a motel in Valentine.


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