Day 5

Monday, 1 Jun 2009
  Silver City, MI to Baraga, MI
58.6 miles, 4h33m, 12.9 mph
Elapsed Time: 5h20m, Max speed: 31.1mph
Total Climbing: 3461ft, Max elevation: 1152ft
Total mileage: 260.3

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        DeLorme. Topo USA. Data copyright of content owner.

I hung out at the hotel in Silver City until about 10:15am, hoping it would warm up and dry out a bit. The roads were mostly dry when I left but the temperature was still down around 34 degrees. So I wore my rain gear again. It didn't rain, but it was very cold all day. It might have reached 50 degrees. The sun poked through a couple times late in the day, but mainly it stayed overcast all day.

This time the wind was out of the north, so it was a crosswind most of the time. It didn't hurt me too much except that it was really cold.

The first 14 miles ran along the lake shore between Silver City and Ontonagon. There were a couple good photo ops.

This is the mouth of whatever the river is in Silver City.

The Lake was a little bit angry.

Determined to enjoy this trip, I rode all around town once I reached Ontonagon. I wanted to see the lighthouse, which they try to hide from you so you have to go to the historical society for a tour. Maybe if the weather was nice I would have liked a tour, but today I just wanted a look at the place. I found it but discovered that it was unreachable without going back across the river.

The Ontonagon light is on the other side of the river. D'oh!

So I rode back through town looking for lunch. I couldn't find a good place where I could keep an eye on my bike so I ended up at the Subway.

Yes, the sign says "Bakery - Pasties." No, it's not that kind of bakery.
I suggest you look up both "Pasties" and "Pasty" on wikipedia and look at the pictures
to see the difference. It is striking.

After my frolic in Ontonagon, I headed out on the open road toward Baraga. It was not very interesting.

There was a lot of this.

It was hiller than I would have liked, and eventually there was a long descent into Baraga. Soon after that I was warm and dry in the Best Western.

My original plan for tomorrow was to ride to Marquette to set myself up for a short ride to Munising. Tomorrow's weather looks pretty lousy, so I think I'm going to ride a shorter distance tomorrow and a longer distance on Wednesday, when the weather is supposed to be sunny.


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