Day 15

Saturday, 21 Jun 2014
  Dry Ridge, KY to Frankfort, KY
64.0 miles, 5h44m, 11.1 mph
Elapsed Time: 7h50m, Max speed: 38.3mph
Total Climbing: 5102ft, Max elevation: 982ft
Total mileage: 1025.6

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        DeLorme. Topo USA. Data copyright of content owner.

I delayed by start for an hour because of fog. So many things might have been different but for the fog.

I continued south on US25. While yesterday it stayed up on the ridge, today it kept dropping down into
valleys and making my climb back out. It was hot. The rumble strips were stupid. Traffic was light.

Then I turned off into the bucolic Kentucky countryside. I saw a few of these "Break In Pavement" signs and I'm still
not sure what I'm supposed to do to help break in the pavement.

Kentucky is known among touring cyclists for its poorly behaved dogs. All the dogs I saw today were
asleep on the porch.

This rumble strip is so stupid it can't possibly have any effect. It can neither help motorists or hurt cyclists.
By the way, even the brand new pavement had this style of rumble strip. I guess they have some equipment that they just have to use.

First distillery of the trip was unexpected. I don't think they do tours so I rode on by.

Second distillery had a chance. But I would have had to wait at least an hour for the start of the next
one hour tour. I didn't want to lose the time...but if not for the fog.

I was waiting in line in the gift shop to pay for my root beer. The line was rather non-distinct. I started goading the woman ahead of me to
assert herself and push forward to the counter. (She was from Louisville and trained to be polite. Me--being from New York--can be
pushy if necessary). After she paid, she realized the cashier forgot one of her items. The cashier started to ring her other item after handing the intervening
dude--and she felt bad about further delaying me getting into my root beer--so she bought it for me. And that's the story of how I
got a free Dr. McGillicuddy's Old-Fashioned Root Beer at the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Even though I didn't take the tour I could still see the barrels in the warehouses...slowly becoming bourbon.

This is the smallest bonded warehouse in the US. It holds one barrel of Buffalo Trace. In fact it is the last millionth barrel produced.
Currently it holds the 6 millionth barrel.

There is a bike path from the Buffalo Trace Distillery to downtown Frankfort. They have
a fascinating stonewall exhibit demonstrating the three major types seen in Kentucky. I can't wait to see these
in real life.

I pedaled up a big hill to the Frankfort Cemetery. That's where Daniel Boone and a bunch of other
famous Kentucky people are buried. Daniel Boone has a great view of the capitol.

But this is why I came...Supreme Court Associate Justice Thomas Todd. I never would have found this but for meeting Hugh--who happened to be
on his walk as I rolled away from Daniel Boone. Hugh knows where all the bodies are buried--literally. We walked and talked for a while--and
then he pointed me toward Vice President Richard M. Johnson and off I went. All made possible by the fog.

Down to the capitol for a selfie. The beard is back..and what's that red thing reflected in my glasses?

Some people's arms are too short to take a good selfie.

A big, long climb to the hotel, laundry, and dinner. Tomorrow I get to come screaming back down this hill. Woo-hoo!


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