RB in New England

Day 1: RB admires the statute in front of the New York Capitol.

Day 2: The Dummerston covered bridge

Day 3: Ride that turtle!

Day 7: With the USS Constitution

Day 7: RB at Bunker Hill

Day 7: RB actually takes most of the pictures.

Day 8: A bad day at the beach beats a day in the box.

Day 11: At the Maine State House

Day 11: RB would thumb a ride if he had a thumb.

Day 11: With the Hot Dog Bear in Belfast

Day 12: RB and his new friend RL.

Day 13: Who really does all the work.

Day 13: RB towering over Bar Harbor.

Day 13: At the summit of Cadillac Mountain.

Day 15: With West Quoddy Head Light.

RB celebrates with a Moxie.

"JT and BC's 2005 New England Ride" Copyright © 2005 By Bob Clemons. All rights reserved.