Day 10

Sunday, 1 June 2008
  Jackson, MS to Clinton, MS
14.7 miles, 1h43m, 8.6 mph
Elapsed Time: 2h56m, Max speed: 23.5mph
Total Climbing: 458ft, Max elevation: 431ft
Total mileage:

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The goal today was to tool around in downtown Jackson for a while and then ride out to the suburbs to be ready to get back on the Trace tomorrow. This turned out to be much more difficult than I had anticipated, so I'm glad I did it today.

The main problem is that Jackson has got to have the crappiest quality streets of any city in America...certainly of any state capitol (and I've been to a lot of state capitols...36, I think). So when I'm riding I have to focus on the road to avoid potholes and ruts in the pavement, and I have to go slow. Of course, the streets are not bicycle friendly, although traffic was light on Sunday morning. Oh yeah, Mississippi cars apparently do not come equipped with turn signals. At one point, I came upon a green light as a pickup truck approached from the other direction. I used by ESP to determine that the driver was planning to turn left in front of me, so I started to slow. It was a good thing because a pedestrian stepped out from behind a building and directly in front of me. He didn't even look as my brakes squealed. He was probably drunk or stoned, after all it was already 11am.

Anyway, before all that happened I tooled around downtown and looked at the neat buildings..

This is the Old State House. It's supposed to be really picturesque,
but now it's under renovation.

I don't know what building this is. It sure is picturesque though.

This is the Governor's Mansion.
The governor is some guy named Haley Barbour.

This is the State House.

The First Baptist Church is across the street from the State House. The good people of Jackson park all over the capitol grounds on Sunday morning because it is convenient to the church, and safe.

On the way out of downtown I came across the Greenwood Cemetery. The historical marker said that seven Mississippi governors are buried there. I'm a sucker for a historic cemetery, so I rode in and looked around. It's pretty neat, there are lots of very old graves and markers. The writer/photographer Eudora Welty is probably the most famous person buried there. (If you don't know who she was, don't feel bad, I didn't either).

I walked off the road to get a better look as some interesting looking markers. As I stepped closer to get a photo, I felt my foot sink into some soft soil. I looked down and saw that I had stepped on a fire ant mound. D'oh! I quickly stepped back and got out of there. Amazingly I didn't get bit, but those ants were really pissed. After that I stayed on the road.

I almost died for this photo.

I must have really liked this place if I put two pictures in.

After the cemetery, it was just a long grind out of town through some pretty sketchy neighborhoods.

I found this industrial decay to be surprisingly inspirational.
Those are shopping carts down under the bridge.

Eventually I got within sight of the Holday In Express and stopped for a cold coffee at the nearby Starbucks. Then, inside and on the Net to finalize my lodging for the next week. It looks like I'll probably be camping tomorrow at Rocky Springs, then into Natchez on Tuesday. From there I'll cross the river and pick up the Mississippi River Trail. I plan to arrive in New Orleans on Saturday, so there's not much play in the schedule.


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