Day 15

Saturday, 22 Jun 2013
  Sioux Falls, SD to Brandon, SD
44.6 miles, 3h45m, 12.0 mph
Elapsed Time: 5h18m, Max speed: 25.9mph
Total Cimbing: 961ft, Max elevation: 1493ft
Total mileage: 879.5

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        DeLorme. Topo USA. Data copyright of content owner.

I had all day to get a few miles to Brandon. I managed to extend it to almost 45 miles. Still, I got in before it rained.

Sioux Falls has a bike path that runs all the way around the city. I figured I'd take the long way to downtown.

This is the Battleship South Dakota Memorial. It's the outline of the ship with a museum in the middle.

And a nice model.

Near downtown. The spillway on the diversion channel.

Falls Park. There's some industrial decay in the background.

The park was full of people. I think there was an event of some kind--perhaps a run or walk thing.

Not so many bears, but there were some.

Queen Bee Mill Ruins. This was a massive seven-story flour mill that was in business for like two years.

Stopped downtown at the Phillips Avenue Diner. I wanted to sit outside and have an early lunch, but the outside seating wasn't open,
so I had a sticky bun and a latte. Then as I was about to leave, they set up the outside dining. D'oh!

There are sculptures all over town and ballot boxes where you can vote for your favorites.

Then I rode out of town and into Iowa. And to here--the tri-state marker for South Dakota,
Minnesota, and Iowa. First time I've ever been to one of those.

Hills to the right. I went left.

Long ride to Marshall, MN tomorrow, including a stop at Pipestone National Monument.


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