Day 3

Monday, 10 Jun 2013
  Fort Morgan, CO to Sterling, CO
47.2 miles, 3h16m, 14.5 mph
Elapsed Time: 4h26m, Max speed: 19.7mph
Total Climbing: 417ft, Max elevation: 4377ft
Total mileage: 144.8

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        DeLorme. Topo USA. Data copyright of content owner.

It's only 45 miles from Fort Morgan to Sterling, so I waited a while to start so that it would be hotter...and so my motel room would more likely be ready when I got there (yes, this is very much a first-world touring problem). The high today was about 98 degrees, though my bike computer says it was 104. My bike computer is a bit of a diva when it comes to temperature.

I caught some corn trying to sneak out of its corral. I hope they don't stampede.

This part of the Platte River valley is a mix of ranchland and farmland. Pretty much completely flat, though
the profile shows a very slight downstream slope (that I didn't notice while riding).

None of the towns along the way had a store, so I stopped at this bridge for a short break.
The lack of stores is concerning, though there seems to be no shortage of local taverns,
so there's always beer in a pinch.

My first historical marker of the trip. There used to be a fort near here. Woo-hoo!

Took a short detour to ride a portion of the old Lincoln Highway. There was nothing indicating
that this was ever part of the first transcontinental road. But there was this farm entrance
with a chandelier.

I'm not sure how many times I've crossed the South Platte, but this is one of the prettier crossings.
I'll get a shot at the North Platte in a couple days.

In Merino I came across a carnival ride graveyard. Actually, this is the home of Wisdom Rides--builders
of world-class amusement rides. The fact that there are 50 or so wrecked and used up rides
parked in the yard should be concerning to no one. Now I wish I had taken more pictures.

Sooner or later I will be delayed by a train. So far it hasn't happened. Even the time I saw the train
coming and waited for it. It took so long I finally gave up. I think they parked it or something.
Anyway, this guy blew his horn for me when I waved. This is what passes for excitement
on the prairie when you get tired of listening to podcasts.

Linda caught me rolling into Sterling. Most towns out here are not very pretty.
The plan was to visit the Overland Trail Museum here, but it is closed on Mondays. Tomorrow is another
short day, so we'll hit it in the morning and then I'll be off for Nebraska.

We went for a walk and unexpectedly discovered that the Overland Trail Museum is actually
open on Mondays. We had a half hour to run through the whole thing. It's a collection of whatever
people gave them--tastefully arranged. They have lots of pianos and radios. Here's their spectacular
collection of antique lawnmowers.

Apparently Kelly Tires are kosher.

People complain that I have an old phone.

And the classic two-headed calf. This is what got the Overland Trail Museum into I didn't learn anything about the Overland Trail, but it was definitely worth
the $3 that they didn't charge us because we were so late. We still might go back tomorrow.

After dinner we stopped to take some pictures of the Logan County courthouse, when suddenly the wind picked up and stuff started blowing around. It looked like a big dust devil (or extremely weak tornado) cut right across the town.

There it goes.

And there was a really nice rainbow.


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