Day 14

Wednesday, 10 Jun 2009
Imlay City, MI to Wallaceburg, ON
58.4 miles, 4h32m, 12.8 mph
Elapsed Time: 6h22m, Max speed: 28.1mph
Total Climbing: 474ft, Max elevation: 869ft
Total mileage: 890.7

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The Internet still did not work when I woke up this morning, so I used the telephone to make a reservation at the Days Inn in Wallaceburg, Ontario. I was able to get the phone number without using the Internet because I had written it on my map--part of my compulsive over-preparation for such trips. This is one of the rare times it payed off. So I knew where I was going anyway.

I made a fairly early escape from Imlay City, along with the rest of the morning rush, and headed generally south and east. The wind was not a major factor. Now I'm getting into a more serious part of the country. I saw only one giant animal all day.

That would be a steer on a trailer outside of a sausage shop.

The country was a mix of farming and residential. No problems with dogs. No problems with cars. I stopped in the surprisingly large city of Memphis for a slice of apple pie. And again in a less-memorable place to buy more Advil....can't have enough of that.

Typical scenery.

The road quality was mixed.

This is a really good road.

This is the same road, a half mile earlier. WTF?

One thing you can be sure of is that when you cross a county line the road conditions will change. Could get better, could get worse. Always changes. (No matter how bad something is, it can always get worse).

Finally I bounced my way down to St. Clair, where I stopped for lunch and then hit the bike path that would take me south to Marine City. This is the Bridge-to-Bay Trail. I'm not sure if it's on the Michigan Bike Map....don't care. I'm through with Michigan. I should say, however, that the Michigan drivers were very courteous, and I had no problems whatsoever. For that matter I had no problems with Wisconsin or Minnesota drivers either.

I also had no problems with dogs. The nearest I came to a problem was a couple of small dogs that came out after me on to a highway on the road to Baraga way back when. They never got close enough to threaten me, but they could easily have been squashed on the high-speed, truck-friendly road. If I had come by 30 seconds later they probably would have been. That owner is an idiot to let them run free out there.

Anyway, the path took me to Marine City and I worked my way down to the ferry landing. I arrived just in time and walked my bike on without speaking to anyone. I was jammed in the back of the boat, which was completely full of vehicles, including a huge tractor-trailer full of garbage.

Goodbye Michigan! Goodbye America!

My bike got to take it easy for a couple miles.

On the Canadian side, the customs person asked me about my trip. The only hitch was that I was carrying pepper spray. As long as it was "dog" pepper spray it's okay to bring it in to Canada, but not if it's "people" pepper spray. I didn't know there was a difference, but she let me keep it.

Then it was a few miles down the St. Clair River and a left turn inland to Wallaceburg. It took forever. So far I'm not impressed with the Canadian roads.

Riding down the St. Clair Parkway along the St. Clair River.
This stretch of road has a bike lane.
Most roads didn't even have a shoulder.

I think I'm going to try to make it to Port Stanley tomorrow, weather permitting. Maybe I'll touch Lake Erie! Not sure about lodging yet. I may end up camping. There just don't seem to be many motels along my route. We'll see.


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