Day 1

Thursday, 28 May 2009
  Duluth, MN to Superior, WI
8.7 miles, 0h41m, 12.9 mph
Elapsed Time: 0h44m, Max speed: 24.6mph
Total Climbing: xxxxft, Max elevation: 740ft
Total mileage: 8.7

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Finally back on the road again.

We woke up this morning at 6am and were at the airport by 8am. Things weren't looking too good when I got on the flight and found I was jammed in next to the 300 pound guy, and there was a dog in the row in front of me.  But the 300 pound guy was able to move to the exit row and the dog was good all the way to Detroit. Then on the second leg from Detroit to Duluth the plane was nearly empty and I had my own row.

The weather was beautiful in Duluth when we arrived, and we rented some kind of SUV at the airport and Linda drove me to the bike shop.

My bike was ready to go. So we threw it in the back and headed across the harbor to Superior for the Anchor Bar. I had been tipped off about a remarkable hamburger they have there: The Galleybuster.

Galleybuster and fries

Yes, that's a triple hamburger, each patty a 1/3 pounder, for a total of one moist, greasy pound. They should have called it the Widowmaker. Well, I was pretty hungry. We'd had no lunch and it was about 2pm by our stomachs (1pm local time).  So it went away.

Actually, we ordered one burger between the two of us. Linda managed to eat slightly less than half of her half, so I ate a little over 3/4 of a GalleyBuster. If I'd had to I could've devoured the whole thing. And now we know the secret of how I can exercise for at least four hours a day, every day for two weeks and still not lose any weight. By the way, the burger was very good with fried onions, and the fries were excellent.

If you're ever in Superior, WI, here's the place with the ginormous burger.
Actually, it's kind of a dive.

After consuming the burger, we headed back out across the harbor into downtown Duluth. We quickly found City Hall and I got my gear together and set up the bike. Today's plan was to ride back into Wisconsin to the Holiday Inn Express.

The official start photo. You can see the effect of the Galleybuster on my jersey.

I'd ridden a good 400 yards before I realized I'd forgotten to clip my maps to my handlebar stem. Then as I was digging out the maps I discovered that I hadn't attached by bike computer. I am way out of practice. Eventually I got myself squared away and continued along. The streets of industrial Duluth are pretty lousy, almost as bad as Jackson, MS, but at least here they have the excuse of harsh winters.

Soon I found my way to the big bridge and bike path across the harbor (I forget the name). It was both the literal and figurative high-point of the day.

As good as it got today.

Some token industrial decay.

I bounced my way through the dirty and busy main drag of Superior, and at the other side of town I reached the Holiday Inn. And despite dire warnings to the contrary, I did not lose any part of the Galleybuster into the harbor.

Tomorrow the ride begins in earnest. It should be more than 80 miles to Bayfield, WI.


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