Albany, NY to Millersville, MD
23 June-7 July 2006

999.0 miles, 84h01m
Elapsed Time: 109h18m, Max Speed: 46.5 mph
Total Climbing: ????ft, Max Elevation: 2352ft

Average Day:
71.4 miles, 6h04m, 11.8 mph
Elapsed Time: 7h48m, Max speed: 33.0mph
Total Climbing: ????ft, Max elevation: ???ft
Total mileage: 999.0


Longest day: Day 5 (Rochester, NY to Niagara Falls, NY) 98.4 miles.
Most climbing:
Fastest day: Day 3 (Utica, NY to Weedsport, NY) 13.9 mph
Slowest day: Day 12 (Cumberland, MD to Hancock, MD) 9.2 mph

This time the daily reports were composed on the road on my laptop and updated if the motel had high-speed Internet.  They all did except for the absurdly overpriced Super8 in Amsterdam, NY, and the B&B in Confluence, PA.  The Best Western in Erie, PA had wireless, but for some reason I could surf the web but I couldn't log in to my website.

The route came from several sources: The New York and Canada portions were from Adventure Cycling, NY Bike Route 5, and a book about cycling the Erie Canal that I can't seem to find right now.  The PA portion followed PA Routes Z and A from the PennDot website.  I made my own route across Maryland.

Even when it was raining and hilly I never wanted to quit.  So I guess I enjoyed myself.  Now I have return to watching what I eat.

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