Day 8

Saturday, 1 July 2006
  Erie, PA to Mercer, PA
61.3 miles, 5h16m, 11.6 mph
Elapsed Time: 6h21m, Max speed: 36.0mph
Total Climbing: 6445ft, Max elevation: 1345ft
Total mileage: 587.5

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Another beautiful cycling day tainted by headwinds. That's four days in a row if you're counting.  I am.  I used to think that 13mph was slow.  Now I think it's fast.

The ride was pretty but pretty dull.  I saw a turkey and her chicks.  That's about as exciting as it got.

There are at least seven turkeys in the picture.

A representative view of the scenery.

I passed a couple of cheese factories, but not many dairy farms.  Then I saw this and figured that this is all the cow they need around here.  But I think it's a steer.

The big cow of Mercer.

The ride got hilly in the second half.  There were three climbs in the last couple of miles.  PennDOT thoughtfully removed the shoulder from the last one.

Thanks PennDOT!

I reached the hotel at about 2:30.  Time to eat!

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